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Most of us get a super and don’t pay much attention to it. If this is you then you may be disappointed, especially if you’ve never reviewed it before.

Everyone shouldn’t be treated the same

We think the best super fund for you is the one that puts you in the best position at retirement and is tailored to your goals and needs. Should a 30 year old be treated the same as a 60 year old? We don’t think so. A review gives you the facts and shows you if there are better options.


by finding every way possible to improve your future retirement. Improving your super gives you and your family peace of mind for each and every day until you retire. Peace of mind will make you happier, which in turn will improve your community, and then the whole of Australia.

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Fact Check & Review

If you are working or have worked as a regular or full-time employee, then that means you have a super fund. Most people don’t elect their own fund and have their employer set up the fund for them. The result is commonly a “default setup.” These setups can underperform.


After the fact finding process, our partner financial advisers help you find opportunities for improvement by putting your current setup side by side with alternatives. Our partner financial advisory firms all operate under an AFSL and offer you risk-free advice tailored to you.

Start a plan

After reviewing your super most people find that they haven’t really started their own retirement plan. Many feel that this is either an annoying process or one that doesn’t need to start until they are in their 50’s. As for the best time to start – the earlier the better.

Find Lost Super

It’s easy to lose track of a fund setup by a previous employer. This is one reason why we partner with AFSL registered financial advisers. They can track down your lost funds.


We find that most people have multiple funds. This means the majority of the people we speak to are paying multiple sets of fees. At a minimum, we validate this fact and give you the information you need to make the right decision for you.

The Just SMS Difference

You wouldn't hire a plumber to do electrical work. So don't ask an accountant to do superannuation work. Same industry, different specialisation. Just SMS and our partners are dedicated to superannuation and retirement planning. Go with the experts.

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decades of

Our team have decades of experience helping Aussies with their super. We’ve reviewed ten of thousands!


We only hire the best. Our team are expertly trained and have access to the best tools available. 

Risk free

Our entire process is risk free. You can go through the review process and get connected with a financial adviser and then determine if their plan is right for you.

She'll be right?

If you haven’t read the Productivity Commission Report into Super, you should.

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